Project Lungomare In this initiative, we successfully revitalized 4 km of the existing roadway, while also constructing a prominent 3.5 km stretch of the main promenade. The development extends beyond mere infrastructure enhancement, as we have thoughtfully incorporated green spaces interspersed with aesthetically pleasing decorative elements and dedicated sports areas. As a testament to our […]


Project GREEN COAST Village Green Coast is a newly established premium resort located in the beautiful Palase region of Southern Albania, offering guests a unique and unforgettable holiday experience. The resort boasts a prime location overlooking the magnificent Mediterranean coast, making it the perfect destination for those seeking a peaceful and tranquil getaway. What sets […]

Thumane-Kashar Segment

Project Thumanë-Kashar Segment The “Thumane-Kashar” Highway is a 20.8 km long highway currently under construction in Albania. The project is expected to be completed by 2023, providing a crucial transportation link between the north and the central part of Albania. One of the key features of this highway is the implementation of Intelligent Transportation System […]

Tirana Gate

Project Tirana Gate Welcome to Tirana, where opportunity flows. As you enter the capital, one of the first sights you will witness is that of the Four Elements Towers, a stunning architectural masterpiece that embodies the city’s spirit of innovation and progress. Rising majestically against the skyline, these towers symbolize the harmonious fusion of nature […]

Babylon Garden

Project Babylon Garden  “ Welcome to the epitome of modern living at the entrance of Tirana! This sprawling residential and commercial complex spans an impressive 100,000 square meters, standing as a symbol of contemporary elegance and convenience. With a variety of living options, commercial spaces, and thoughtfully designed common areas, it is a community that […]