In this initiative, we successfully revitalized 4 km of the existing roadway, while also constructing a prominent 3.5 km stretch of the main promenade. The development extends beyond mere infrastructure enhancement, as we have thoughtfully incorporated green spaces interspersed with aesthetically pleasing decorative elements and dedicated sports areas.

As a testament to our commitment to environmental sustainability, approximately 700 trees have been strategically planted along the entire length of the project, enhancing both the visual appeal and ecological integrity of the area.


Construction Surface 
200,996 m2
77,196 m2 parking

Vlora, Albania


“Lungomare” is conceived as a space where 3 types of movement alternate, with cars, bicycles, and pedestrians, creating the possibility for everyone to find themselves according to their preferences, prioritizing pedestrians.This is complemented by a considerable parking area, one of the prominent elements of this project, where on the left side of the Skele-Uji I Ftohtë promenade, a parking area has been built, while on the right side, the pedestrian and bicycle lane.The project has two lanes for cars, with opposing directions, separated by a green space, which is considered sufficient by the designers for the flow of vehicular traffic.Vlora Waterfront Project – Lungomare, in collaboration with the European Union, brought tremendous benefits to the city of Vlora, including the appreciation of real estate, increase in tourism, tax revenue, effective delivery of public goods and services and improved quality of life.

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Lungomare Vlora

 – Vlora

+ 700 trees planted

Four Elements
Green Coast